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        Donations for Southern MD Feral Colony

        Donations for Southern MD Feral Colony

        Hello All

        My name is Christina and I am the owner of Moonflower Boutique. 

        Everyday I head into town to take care of a Beautiful Feral Colony of about 30 cats. Yes 30!! I do everything on my own from feeding, supplying shelter, medical and spay/neuter. I have been doing this for about 6 years and within those 6 years I have TNR well over 30 cats. Some stay, some go, some have died strangely and new ones always come.  It's like they talk, hey there is this lady she will feed you and take care of you follow I truly don't mind as these babies give me purpose everyday. Now I have recently obtain help through a local humane society within the TNR program which helps tremendously. I do still fork out a nice amount every month for food though. A couple of months ago when life started to get hard I did start asking for food donations within my facebook friends. I set up a wishlist through Amazon. It has helped out but I go through so much food per day the help I do get goes pretty quick. Average day for me is 26 cans of 5oz Friskies and within 3 days I go through 38lb of dry cat food. LOTS of food right??? So that brings be here. I decided to create this donation within my boutique. If you can help out in anyway I truly truly appreciate it and if you just can't that is totally okay. I understand ♡ 

        I Thank you for visiting my Boutique and checking out all the Beauties.  I Thank you always for the support ♡

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